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Assorted Packs
Assorted Packs
Assorted Packs

Ditty Island Delights

Assorted Packs

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Not familiar with our Traditional Jamaican pastries? Try our different assortments today.

Sample Pack: 1 Gizzada, 1 Peanut Cake, 1 Grater Cake & 1 Coconut Ginger Drops, 

Snack Pack: 2 Gizzadas, 2 Peanut Cakes, 1 Grater Cake & 1 Coconut Ginger Drops

Family Pack: 3 Gizzadas, 3 Peanut Cakes, 3 Grater Cakes & 3 Coconut Ginger Drops

Gizzada is a traditional Jamaican pastry. We eat it as a snack/dessert. Some Jamaicans would say that they eat it for "breakfast, lunch or dinner, it doesn't matter." Also called, "pinch me round."

Peanut Cake, some call it, Nut Cake. This Jamaican pastry is similar to a peanut brittle but softer in texture. Traditionally, we would reap the raw peanuts, roast them in a dutch pot over wood fire, use our hand middle to rub off the peanut skin and then cook to make the Peanut Cake. Roasting the peanuts give them a pungent, nostalgic flavor.

Grater Cake, some call it, Pink and White/Pink on Top because of the colors, while others call it Coconut Cake. The traditional name, Grater Cake was given because you have to "grater" the coconut to start the cooking process.

 Coconut Ginger Drops is unique to the Jamaican culture. The highlighted flavor of the "Drops" is the ginger. We Jamaican use ginger for everything; in our meat, as a tea and even to cure certain illnesses. When we eat/drink anything with Ginger it is suppose to scratch our throat or the ginger isn't strong enough. Our Coconut Ginger Drops will scratch throat! lol

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