Ditty Island Delights Story

These are the products that my mom baked to send my two younger sisters and I through school. 

Our dream was to start Ditty Island Delights TOGETHER.

My mom, Ditty passed away from cancer in April 2016.

Before she died, she told me that her legacy wouldn't be money in the bank, but the skills that provided food on our table for years.

Our pastries tells a story, a story of a woman that grated coconuts all through the night until morning, did everything she could to put food on the table, from farming to house keeping and back to baking, with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. We had plans to open a Jamaican pastry shop together after I finished college. We didn’t get to do that, but today I get to keep her name, her character and her story alive. Every time you bite into our pastries, remember the story, tell our story, be happy, be kind and pass on the love.

In honor of my mom. My Hero. Ditty. Pass on the love.

A percentage of annual profits will go in aid of funding the Ditty Cancer Foundation Launch 

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