Sweet Potato Pudding Collection

The Sweet Potato Pudding is a traditional Jamaican pastry. Some call it "hell a bottom, hell a top & hallelujah in the middle." This is because we would have a wood/coal fire made at the bottom, have a sheet of zink with said wood/coal fire on top of the pudding and the pudding would be the hallelujah in the middle because it is so delicious. This method allowed the pudding to be cooked thoroughly.

How do we make it?

We grate Jamaican sweet potatoes and mix with sugar and Jamaican spices such us nutmeg and vanilla etc. We allow to bake for almost 2 hours and add the "wet topping," which is that wet delicious layer you often see on the top of Jamaican Sweet Potato Puddings. This finishing touch is vital to acquire the traditional texture & flavor. (Disclaimer: we may add less wet topping due to shipping, handling might damage pudding if top is too wet)


Jamaican sweet potato, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, coconut milk, butter, vanilla & lemon