Peanut Cake

Peanut Cake is a traditional Jamaican pastry, some call it, Nut Cake. This Jamaican pastry is similar to a peanut brittle but softer in texture. Traditionally, we would reap the raw peanuts, roast them in a dutch pot over wood fire, use our hand middle to rub off the peanut skin and then cook to make the
Peanut Cake. Roasting the peanuts give them a pungent, nostalgic flavor.
How do we make it?  We boil the roasted peanuts with brown sugar and Jamaican spices such as; nutmeg and ginger. Once they are boiled to a sticky texture, we "drop" them, like the Coconut Ginger Drops, on a flat surface to cool. 
Ingredients peanut, brown sugar, almond spice, vanilla, nutmeg, salt & ginger
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