The Most Difficult Jamaican Pastry To Make!

Grater Cake is a traditional Jamaican pastry. Some call it, Pink and White/Pink on Top because of the colors, while others call it Coconut Cake. The traditional name, Grater Cake was given because you have to "grater" the coconut to start the cooking process.
How do we make it?  We peel the skin from the coconuts, then grate and cook with granulated sugar, almond spice and strawberry syrup. This is one of our more difficult pastries to make. It takes patience and a lot of attention for you to get the perfect results. 
Ingredients; coconut, granulated sugar, syrup & almond spice
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I hope you enjoyed this quick read. I want to hear from you. Did I miss anything? What did you like or did not like? What was your experience with Grater Cake?

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