Fruit cake, black cake, Jamaican fruitcake, Christmas cake
Fruit cake, black cake, Jamaican fruitcake, Christmas cake, cherries, Jamaican food
Fruit cake, black cake, Jamaican fruitcake, Christmas cake, cherries, Jamaican food

Jamaican Fruit Cake

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Jamaican Fruit Cake/Black Cake is traditionally eaten by Jamaicans during Christmas. Some enjoy it with a glass of Sorrel. However, we want to bring you Christmas all year round. Talk about nostalgia. It was so expensive to make or buy this cake that I can remember my family saving it for Christmas day. You would only get one "degge degge slice," so we would eat it slow to savor the taste along with our sorrel.

How do we make it?

We soak the raisins, currants, cherries & prunes in Wines for over 6 months. These ingredients are the most expensive part of baking the Jamaican Fruit Cake. After 6 months, we add our wet ingredients which are vanilla, browning, fruits etc. then our dry ingredients, flour, nutmeg etc. and fold all mixtures to a perfect blend and allow to bake for over an hour. MUST BE 21+ or request our virgin option.


raisins, currents, cherries, prunes, red label wine, rum, flour, baking powder, nutmeg, salt, sugar, browning, vanilla, egg & lemon



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